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Timestables on 3 big wheels

4.0 ( 7840 ratings )
Jogos Ensino Pedagógico Família
Developer: Proctele AB
1.99 USD

This app is for those who want to learn the multiplication table. Tables 1-12 are included.
The app consists of the following components:
- The first screen where you choose what to do;
- Presentation that explains how to most easily learn the table;
- A section where you learn the table. You can also test yourself;
- Section where you have to respond quickly to multiplication sums;
- A section containing the boom game;
- A section where you practice the table;
- Help screen with detailed descriptions of the sections.

In total there are 6 screens plus the help-screen and you can reach them all from the first screen.
There are funny buttons and animations and sounds to make learning more exciting. One of the screens offers medals, applause and fanfare if you score well on the tests. Boom-game, of course, has a bomb sound and a strawberry sound.
Take a look at the screen images below to learn more about the app.